Professionals in the wine sector, we are a compass, a reference, a great support in the world of wine. We select the best wines by bottling them in the most modern and avant-garde sites, to make sure the aromas and characteristics of the area stand out and supply the wines in selected and exclusive bottles and packaging. Traders of Venetian tradition we know where to find the best quality at the best price to offer a finished, characteristic, high quality product at the best market price.


Working with the best realities from all over Italy, we offer a unique solution from a single collection point for your entire portfolio of Italian wines. As a Wholesaler, Agent and Broker we are a constant help for those looking for certain values, reliability, excellence at an unbeatable quality / price ratio. We offer exclusive wines for exclusive sales channels, to ensure the development and protection of your business from unfair competition. In a modern and computerized world where everything is visible, our wines guarantee a unique sensorial experience, but at the same time market harmony and serenity. We serve the ho.re.ca channels, traditional, large-scale distribution and online sales with dedicated lines and labels to guarantee exclusivity, and distribution harmony.

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