Exclusivino does nnot carry out retail sales, offering our services exclusively to prefessionals in the food sector of  the on-trade and off-trade channels, we do serve all players who seek for a high quality service with highh quality products at best market prices and need at the same time a protection of their distribution channels and customers.


Supply of fine wines for restaurants, hotels, bars, discos and events with the possibility to agree on varied wine lists from one or more regions. All on mixed pallets with scheduling from only one collection or several delivery points. Working with Exclusivino guarantees serenity as the distribution logic protects the brands distributed from nasty surprises by guaranteeing the positioning of the brands served to your customers. Suitable products with stelvin closures for pouring  or barrel aged wines, we offer high quality wines in attractive packaging that are suitable for use

Traditional Channel

We supply wine shops with fine wine offering a varied product portfolio from one or more regions. All on mixed pallets with the possibility to schedule merchandise Pick-ups from only one collection point or several arriving points.  Working with us guarantees serenity as the distribution logic protects the brands and your business from nasty surprises of unfair competition.  Furthermore, the packaging designed for a visual sale and the suggested arguments allow safe sales with insured added value.


From the single neighborhood store to the distribution group, we do offer wines at best quality/price ratios on the market. With intelligent packaging the product allows visibility, curiosity, attraction and impulsive purchase action from consumers. Starting from the mixed pallet to the complete truck  from single collection points or several delivery points, you will be able to source all your  wines listed saving time  transport costs and paperwork due to centralization. 

Importers, Distributors and Wholesalers

From the regional wholesaler to the national importer, the exclusive sales philosophy will allow you to have a safe sales channel or territory, unharmed from nasty competition. Your sales force and customers will be preserved from bad surprises of unfair online offers. With exclusive labels, dedicated to individual channels or defined territories, try our partnership with excellent quality/price ratios.