We dispose of great varieties, from young wines such as Merlot and Cabernet from Veneto, to the complex and structured Tuscans and Piedmontese (such as the legendary Brunello di Montalcino and Barolo), as well as those made with complex and elaborate winemaking techniques (for example, Ripasso, Amarone). Not to mention the autochthonous Sicilian Nero d'Avola and Sussumaniello from Puglia, to name a few.
Exclusivino's offer includes the most famous and best-selling wines in all of Italy, with a single common thread, exclusivity and value for money.


the different  types of our white wines are linked to different situations and gastronomic combinations. Here we play on finesse, elegance, lightness, freshness, acidity and balanced flavor to meet the needs of varied consumers but all with the same pretense: Everybody wants to drink quality. Also in this case, the production of this type of wine is various, from the Venetian Passepartout such as a Pinot Grigio, a Chardonnay or  Sauvignon, to the great autochthonous Greco and Falanghina Campania wines, the apulian Vermentino or the sicilian Grillo, just to name a few.


The largest consumers of rose wine are the French, these wines are excellent, elegant, fragrant, mostly  summer products. This segment is growing rapidly, the consumption of rosé is increasing all over the world. Being the trendiest wine, the modern Provencal color is fundamental and determines its success. Our Italian rosé wines come from Salento and Veneto, but also from Emilia. All this always looking for exclusivity at an unbeatable quality/price ratio.


Italian sparkling and half sparkling wines are fizzy  wines that are growing internationally and increasingly taking away market shares from Champagne. Wines with an excellent quality / price ratio, they are fresh, easy to drink and attract young and dynamic consumers. They are certainly not long aging wines and should be consumed mainly within 18 months. The wonderful Prosecco, that if Champagne is the King, he is certainly the young and energetic prince; The traditional Lambrusco or the "Newcomer" Venezia DOC are just some examples of these gems of Italy.